• Turf colorant restores natural

   looking green color to dormant

   or drought stricken grass.


• Safe for kids and pets.


• Lasts 2-3 months.


• Save on water without the

   brown yard.


• Less than 20 cents sq. ft.

in most cases.


$ 50 minimum


   Free estimates





Kent Smith @ 530-661-2344


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I was very hesitant to do this, but after I found out it would not hurt my lawn

I decided to go ahead. I hated looking at my brown yard. The lawn now looks great,very natural looking. I wish I had done it sooner and I am passing the word along to all my friends with brown lawns!  ••• c winn




For a good while, I struggled with the idea of painting grass as not being something natural.  Ultimately I’m not sure painting is natural by definition and yet it changes things, most often for the better. In the end, I know the product is safe, and the lawn paint is a way to restore the natural green color of the grass I enjoy.  We are very conscious about water conservation in our home. The lawn paint is a natural way for improving my feelings about the grass while we are also saving water. ••• g kaltoft



I can't wait to see my lawn actually look green and not brown...It turned out great. You blended the dead with the live grass nicely, thanks a ton. ••• j humphries


In progress images.



Kent Smith with Lawn Painting can really give a brown yard new life.  He has “painted” the lawn of a house I have listed for sale and it has made all the difference in the appeal of the home—a guilt free beautiful green yard! ••• d bruno



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