• Turf colorant restores natural

   looking green color to dormant

   or drought stricken grass.


• Safe for kids and pets.


• Lasts 2-3 months.


• Save on water without the

   brown yard.


• Less than 20 cents sq. ft.

in most cases.


$ 50 minimum


   Free estimates





Kent Smith @ 530-661-2344


Q. Will I still have to water my yard?


A. YES. Chances are you have already reduced your watering, but the grass roots still need to be kept alive. You can keep your reduced watering schedule or reduce it slightly but it must be watered deeply at least once a week if you choose not to water during that period.  If the grass dies, the blades get brittle, will break off and blow away revealing bare dirt areas that attract weeds.


Q. What happens if my grass grows unevenly?


A. The areas that grow faster will get the treatment color cut off faster while the slower growing grass keeps the color longer. The grass colors may not be the exact same color but overall should blend in at the edges. It will still look better than brown. It is designed as a short to medium range fix for discolored or brown yards until a more favorable growing season arrives. When applied in the late fall to brown dormant grass, it is designed to color the grass until the next growing season.


Q. How is it applied?


A: It is sprayed on with a pressure sprayer. The entire yard gets treated, with the brown areas getting more paint and the green areas getting less so that the overall look is a uniform coverage and color.


Q. Does it matter what type of grass I have?


A: It blends well with most types of grasses in our area.  The color and shade is controlled by the strength ratio mixture and amount applied.


Q. Can it be applied to dormant or non-dormant grass?


A: It be applied to both dormant (nonurf and non-dormant (growing) grass.


Q. How long does the color last?


A: It will last between 2-3 months depending on foot traffic and frequency of mowing cycles. Rain and watering does not wash it away. Once it dries, it’s permanent.


Q. How long does it take to dry?


A: It drys to the touch in about 30-45 minutes and safe to walk on in an hour without color transfer to shoes or clothing.


Q. When is it best to apply?


A:  It should be applied on dry wind free days with the temperature above 40 degrees after the morning dew has dried to mid afternoon and no forecast of rain for 24 hours.


Q. Is it harmful to the grass?


A: It contains no hazardous chemicals, heavy metals or other inert ingredients harmful to turf or the surrounding environment. You can safely continue to put your grass clippings into your recycle bin or you can continue to use it as mulch on your yard.


Q. Is it pet and kid friendly?


A:  Absolutely, and is not harmful to pets that have ingested treated grass.


Q. When it rains or the grass is wet, will it rub off on shoes, cloths or pets?


A. No. After it dries, it will not rub off on shoes and clothes or pets after it rains or the lawn is watered or the grass is wet with dew. Turf paint is a proven product, used for years on golf courses and sports fields.








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